A lot of passion goes into my real estate videos, so it’s a wonderful thing when I receive positive feedback from my clients. But even more lovely is when a client is so happy and satisfied with the production that they offer to pay a bonus!

David from furniture rental and styling specialists, Brisbane Makeover Co referred his clients Lisa & Steve to me recently. They were going to market and wanted a particular style of real estate video produced.

A Vision Shared

I met with Lisa on location and we discussed the various styles of real estate video that she liked. Techniques like day to night transitions and speed ramps were high on the list of requirements, but not to be overdone. The spectacular views were high priority as were the various features of the property such as pool lighting, elevator and entertaining areas.

The video would also feature lifestyle shots by model, Larissa Hlinovsky. I think it’s always nice to incorporate a model or two into real estate videos, so as to add life to otherwise lifeless rooms and spaces.

At the end of my meeting with Lisa, I felt inspired and looked forward to filming her property. I believe she was equally inspired to see what I would produce!

Dave works with Larissa on location during a premium real estate video shoot at Hawthorne, Brisbane.
Dave works with Larissa on location during a premium real estate video shoot at Hawthorne, Brisbane.

Shooting for the Edit

I decided to shoot this one myself. The timeframes were tight, I had to shoot and edit this one in just a few days. As much as I would have liked to have had another shooter with me, it would have increased the editing time and made things much more challenging.

My day began on location at 9.30am. The property looked awesome and I soon got to work on capturing my must-have shots. A good portion of these were day/night transitions. I located and filmed the most appealing perspectives in the morning light and made notes to ensure I would not forget to return and shoot these same perspectives again at twilight.

My Gear

I use Panasonic cameras. I have a large production kit containing GH4’s and GH5’s as well as a wide variety of lenses for all occasions, including my most favourite lenses of all, the Sirui anamorphic range including both the 50mm and 35mm. These lenses produce cinematic 2.4:1 video which in my opinion just looks awesome. For stabilization these days, I am using a Ronin S with handlebars. I also had a GoPro Max 360 camera in the mix for some extreme wide angles.

Mental Check-lists

The vast majority of real estate videos I film are shot on the go. I arrive and shoot what I can in the allocated timeframe. This property however was a large, 3 storey home! I certainly needed the 4 hours or so to comprehensively film it as I did, and that was before Larissa arrived and/or the twilights were done.

A number of mental check-lists are monitored during the day. Not only the shot-list and rough storyboard ideas, but also keeping track of my equipment. Numerous lenses, lens caps, memory cards, batteries etc. There is a lot of thinking on-the-go. Once thing I learned while filming on location with Hotels by Design is to take the time to pack up the gear, properly. No more throwing lens caps into the bag thinking I’ll find it later .. that doesn’t happen lol.

I used a variety of lenses along while shooting stabilized and hand-held. I also flew a couple of drone sessions, one of the just property and the other while Larissa was on the balcony. When time and budget permits, its always nice to shoot a large variety of shots which ultimately means more creative options during the editing process. I worked through my mental checklist of must-have shots just in time for Larissa’s arrival around mid afternoon.

That’s a wrap!

It was a lot of fun working with Larissa. She looked great and was very professional. We filmed our scene with the Porsche to start with, then moved onto a series of shots around the elevator and main bedroom before ending the day with twilight scenes on the balcony and rooftop terrace.

It was about 7pm when I put the cameras down. An epic day and lots of fun. I’m really happy with the results and Lisa (and Steve) are too!

Dave, this is truly amazing! You’ve done a fantastic job! It looks AMAZING!

This property is being marketed by Simon Dean, Place Bulimba.

If you would like more information about premium real estate videos, be sure to contact Dave here.