Monthly Video Production & Social Media Distribution.

At a Glance:

The Online Authority Package includes:

  • AT LEAST 3 x 60s professional video production (at least 1 video per month for 3 months subscription)
  • 4 x social media accounts setup and/or updated
  • Video content distributed across all your social media channels

Watch the video below to learn more about how I can help you generate leads and strengthen your existing customer relationships with professional video production and social media distribution.

Consistently engage your customers online and keep them:

  • INFORMED on your latest news and events,

  • EDUCATED about your products and services,

  • INSPIRED by your passion, knowledge and enthusiasm.

The only thing better than producing an original, relevant online video for your target audience is to produce more than one, frequently.

Relevant video content is valuable video content and when it is combined with effective social media distribution on a regular basis, you will establish yourself as an authority online and you will dominate your market.

The 'Online Authority Package' is a video production and social media management package for business owners who want to take their online presence to the next level.

Content is king

Google recognises when content is more relevant and consequently will give that content a rankings boost accordingly.

It is important therefore to create video content that will address user intent.

For example, a real estate agent might cover topics such as 'how to prepare a home for photographs' or 'what is a home appraisal?' etc.

The frequent production of quality, relevant and valuable video content will help you dominate search results and stand above your competitors online.

You will also be creating an online video library which will be a highly valuable online resource for your customer base.

Stuck for content?

Think about the questions your customers often ask. Compile a list of FAQs and address one question per month (at least).

Further engage your audience by asking them to post questions for your next video.

The Online Authority Package includes:

  • Video Production: 3 x 60 second custom produced video presentations (1 per month)
  • Social Media Management: Distribution of your videos across 4 social media networks.

Your videos will be professionally shot and edited with all equipment supplied (lights, HD cameras and teleprompter PLUS supporting footage at one location.

You can also provide existing media (images / video) for inclusion.

On location with Nature Pacific. @davedwyervideo

Don't have a social media account?

Not a problem, and/all social media accounts will be created and setup free of charge

Ready to find out more?

Please note this package is presently only available to businesses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Professional Monthly Video Productions with Social Media Distribution.

Regular price: $2500 inc. GST per quarter (3 video package).

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