Learn How to Shoot 'n Edit Real Estate Videos


i love shooting real estate videos.

So much so that I've built a solid freelance business that specializes in the production of custom real estate video productions for a variety of real estate agents.

From basic property showcase presentations to fully produced mini movies with actors and suburban profiles.

How to Shoot 'n Edit Real Estate Videos
This video series includes the following topics:

● Welcome
● The Business of Real Estate
● Equipment
● Video Styles
● Location Planning
● Camera Settings
● Production on location
● Video Editing Workflow
● Editing Your Footage
● Stabilising Your Footage
● Speed Ramping
● 3 Phases of Post Production
● Essential Drone Shots for Real Estate

At the end of this video series, you will be more knowledgeable in how to produce high quality, professional real estate videos for marketing online. I will also talk about the business side of things and discuss price points and marketing yourself.

This course if by far the best real estate video production course I’ve seen anywhere on the web. It’s simple to follow, and outlines everything from the basics to more advanced topics when it comes to producing gorgeous real estate showcase videos.
— Roman P.

This course is ideally suited to videographers who aspire to create and run their own video production business with a strong focus on the real estate industry.

This series would also be beneficial to anyone interested in the production and marketing of online video for the purpose of selling real estate.

Loved your video! I am very new to real estate video production and video production in general and this has helped me immensely!
— Paula P.
Great course! I highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about producing great real estate videos.
— videotrailreviews.com