The dangers of ethanol burners are showcased in this product safety video.

Earlier this year I was asked to produce a product safety video for the ACCC. The purpose of this video would be to highlight the dangers of using Ethanol burners which are readily available for purchase online. After producing this video I certainly learned enough to decide I won't be using these things in my home (not that I would anyway, they just look dangerous to begin with!).

Don't mess around with Ethanol burners. 

The ethanol burner film is terrific. It perfectly portrays the message we want to get across. Very nice work!
— Dave Strachan, Manager Product Safety, Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

My mission was to capture, in slow motion, the explosion that can occur when someone pours fuel into the burner without realizing the flame is not fully extinguished. 

An Ethanol burner was placed on a small table and lit so that it would burn the first load of fuel and reach the required temperature.

I positioned 3 cameras around the table. My Panasonic AF-102 and GH4 cameras were set for slow motion while my Canon 5D mk3 was recording real time.

Then it was a case of allowing the burner's blue flame to die down until it was almost out and then refueling the fire to cause the explosion.

The danger lies in refueling and we were fortunate to get the shot we needed in just our second attempt. 

Stand back! Shooting fire hazards in slow motion. #gh4 #5dmk3 #af102 #hotinhere

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This video is featured in an official media statement released by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading and it will help educate folks about the dangers of ethanol burners.

A Fireman's Perspective

We shot a variety of scenes to highlight the dangers posed by ethanol burners. One of these scenes involved the setting alight of a contained area staged to be like a typical lounge room.

This footage didn't make the final cut but I thought it was too good to forget about. So I have put together a sequence that shows the spectacular flames and smoke that engulfed the controlled space in just minutes.

I shot this with 2 cameras locked off on tripods and a GoPro worn by our Fireman which gives a cool point of view perspective. It's interesting to see the different nozzle settings on the fire hose.