Real estate videos that feature people as well as the property. How cool is that?

Real estate videos that feature people as well as the property. How cool is that?

Every room in this awesome property at Alderley is showcased using 'real' people. Our 'lady of the manor' arrives home and after freshening up, prepares for the arrival of her girlfriends. Each are shown their bedrooms before taking some time out by the pool. The boys come home and join the girls for some food and drink while enjoying the awesome views.

A little peek behind the scenes while shooting one of my latest real estate videos.

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Real estate videos have been around now for a number of years. We've all seen them, they are everywhere nowadays. Well, almost. I'm dumbfounded when I am browsing online real estate and find listings without video, especially the premium properties!

With so many real estate videos out there, I think it would be fair to assume that some folks are suffering fatigue and consequently don't even click the play button. They just take a quick browse through the photos. Unless of course, they are really interested in the property - then I'm sure they will click play, even if it's just to take a peak.

That's the time you want the production value of your property video to stand out from the rest. It goes without saying that the worst type of real estate video by far is a video slideshow. Never, under any circumstances do I recommend putting together a slideshow of images!

You want your viewers to click play and watch your video until the end if possible. You want your viewers to remember your property which means you need your real estate video to be memorable.

A family arrives home. Mum gets dinner ready for the kids and Granddad gets to work in his shed before their guest arrives for coffee (who just happens to be the marketing agent!).

So what makes a real estate video, memorable?

How many real estate videos have you seen?

Now, how many of those do you remember, even in the slightest?

Now, think about why you remember them.

I've seen hundreds, if not thousands of real estate videos. But there are really only a few that stick in my mind.

The one common theme in all the videos that keep in my mind is they were not videos that featured empty houses. They were property videos that featured people as well as the property.

I think real estate videos that feature people as well as the property are cool. I'm not talking about the agent though. I'm talking about 'real' people visually demonstrating the lifestyle that is up for sale.

For example, you could shoot a wonderful video scene of an empty pool with empty deck chairs. Don't get me wrong, that would look fine. But you might also consider how the scene could be enhanced by having someone laying pool side with a cool drink while working on their tan.

Having people validate the lifestyle of offer with simple gestures and actions is one thing but introducing a subtle story line is a whole other level.

Put your target audience in the picture

People can relate to people in whom they see themselves.

It makes a lot of sense to think about your target audience and promote a more emotional response in them by putting representatives of your target audience in your marketing.

I think using people in real estate videos enhances the chances of establishing a 'that could be me' moment in your viewers.

One thing is for sure, the vast majority of real estate videos are just empty rooms. Filling them with people and demonstrating the lifestyle that comes with the property can be a real point of difference in your marketing.
— Dave Dwyer.

This is an oldie, but a goldie. Marketing agent Claudia Escobar had a great idea and asked the sellers of this property if they would like to present their home for sale in the video. They were more than happy to talk to camera and provide a personal tour through their property which I think works really well!

Have your say!

So what do you think?

Does having people appear in real estate videos improve the viewing experience or do you find it distracting? 

Do you think having people feature in a real estate video makes it more memorable?

I'm keen to hear your thoughts below!