How to engage your viewers with 360 degree video

360 degree videos are videos that allow viewers to enjoy a complete 360 degree view of the environment. With YouTube and Facebook providing 360 degree video support and 360 video cameras becoming more readily available, I think the 360 video format is about to become a lot more mainstream. 

What is so good about 360 video?

For me at least, 360 video triggers curiosity. I really like the idea of being able to explore the environment. I also enjoy being in control and choosing where to look. 

360 video has to potential to provide an incredibly engaging and immersive viewing experience, amplified even more when viewed through a pair of VR goggles. 

360 videos provides a new and interesting way to share your stories and experiences. 

I took my Samsung Gear 360 for a spin at a 'Cars & Coffee' meet in Brisbane. Great little camera, I'm impressed with its ability to pick up audio. I was standing about 2 metres away from it at times. I dig 360 video, what do you think?

What makes a good 360 degree video?

Like all things, novelty does wear off and unless your 360 video content is informative, relevant and interesting, folks will probably continue surfing after they have seen all there is to see.

The key to a successful 360 degree video is to employ a high production value and narrative/presenter to guide the viewing experience.

This is important particularly if you are wanting to use 360 video to promote your products and/or services.

My two must-have ingredients for an engaging 360 video are:

  • Present to camera and provide a narrative to direct your viewers attention.
  • Wear a lapel mic and record your audio separately.

Using 360 degree video to promote your business

This is what I'm particularly excited about. I think using 360 video for business promotion has so much potential and there are numerous applications, such as:

  • real estate video tours
  • interior designers and staging companies
  • live events and performers
  • showrooms and displays
  • instructional videos

Surely our only limitation is our imagination.

You can virtually welcome your viewers into your environment and showcase any story you like. With VR goggles like Samsung Gear VR being so accessible (just $160 AU at the time of writing), virtual reality is now more of a reality than ever before.

When combined with VR goggles, the potential for 360 degree video is huge!

Experience the new E-Class in a 360 degree video driving through Lisbon and along the beautiful Portuguese countryside. 

Just imagine:

  • rather than completing your next company induction online, just put on your VR goggles and experience the workplace before you even arrive!
  • being able to inspect a property for sale or that car you're thinking about buying from the convenience of your own home!

In the not too distant future, it will be possible to throw on a pair of VR goggles and experience concerts, events and sports live

Watching the 360 video below in full screen (let alone in VR goggles), I actually felt like I was standing in front of everyone. Talk about a front row seat!

Watch a live performance of "Cherry Bomb" in 360 degrees. 

360 degree video, in my opinion, is very cool. It is now finally accessible to the masses and I see lots of major news networks and TV channels producing compelling 360 video content. 

As this technology improves and the resolution of our cameras and screens improve and becomes higher quality, video content will increasingly be about the experience.

I think it would be a very smart move for businesses to embrace this format sooner rather than later because if done well, it could be a real point of difference and truly set you apart from your competition.

Now is the time to get on board the 360 video train!