How a testimonial video can also be a great promotional video!

Most of the time, a testimonial video is someone talking about their (positive) experience with a business service or product. But I think a much better testimonial is one in which the talent has a chance to showcase their own business services and/or products as well.

I was recently asked to produce a testimonial video for Alibaba & iSynergi featuring Nature Pacific, a successful local business producing Banaban Coconut Oil.

Alibaba will be playing this video at the G20 meeting in China, 2016.

Thank you so much again for the wonderful work done. We will definitely be using you again!
— Kevin Lee,

This was a same day shoot and edit! I spent 3 hours on location and 3 hours editing. I used a Canon 5D for the interview and a Panasonic GH4 on a Ronin M for the supporting footage. 

We just saw the video! The quality is incredible! Thanks so much, Dave. It was so great to meet you and thank you for all your help.
— Bryne King, Nature Pacific.

What makes a great testimonial video?

Simply having someone talk about how good you are is straight forward but a little bland. A much better approach would be to have the talent talk about how your business service or product help them to overcome a problem or benefit their lives/business through story telling.

Have them talk about what their life/business was like before they met you. What were the problems and issues that were looking to solve and how did you solve them for them. Now they are your customer, how has their situation improved?

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In the Alibaba testimonial, Brynley begins her testimonial video by talking about her company, Nature Pacific.

Brynely provides some interesting insights into the business as well as sharing some history and significant stats before even mentioning Alibaba.

Nature Pacific is a wonderful success story. Founded in Australia in 2004, the company has continued to grow and today Nature Pacific products are exported worldwide.

In fact, the Alibaba testimonial video contains some historical footage - the very first Banaban Coconut Oil shipping container loaded up and leaving for Spain!

As you can see, this video presents not only as a testimonial video, but also a promotional video. In fact, the first half of the video presents exclusively like a promotional video.

Its not until the second half that viewers are given insight into how Alibaba has secured Nature Pacific new export clients.

Testimonial videos are a powerful tool for your online marketing

A video testimonial is social proof. A real person with real experience of your service and/or product.

However, it can sometimes be challenging for your client to present to camera, or even want to. They certainly would need to feel particularly satisfied and pleased with your business to agree to appearing on camera.

When you approach the production of a testimonial video as something that not only benefits you but also your guest speaker in the form of a promotional video, then it becomes much more interesting for all involved.

A good testimonial video will:

  • put your target audience in the picture
  • be authentic and relevant
  • be a real world story
  • be visually interesting and well produced (quality video and audio)
  • be emotional
  • build trust and establish authority

What is better than a testimonial video?

More than one.

One testimonial video is great, but a series is what you want.

The more frequently and regularly you produce testimonial videos, the better. Doing so will continue to build your brand's trust and authority online.

You can share them across your social media, ideally one per week, or monthly. You can keep your videos readily available for viewing on your website via a gallery. You would surely be uploading each of your videos to your branded YouTube channel with completed video descriptions and relevant keywords.

Online video is a powerful marketing tool and the goal here is to have as much video online as possible, working for you around the clock.

Testimonial videos containing relevant and interesting stories that are regularly published on your website and across your social media channels will boost your business brand, trust and authority online and help your business to rank higher in search results, naturally.