Before and After online videos are a great way to showcase your business!

Tell your customers about the good work you do!

Your customers want to see what you can do for them and what better way to show them than with online video.

A great example of a small business effectively using online video is the Brisbane Makeover Co

I have now produced several videos for Brisbane Makeover. All of these videos showcase what they do best. Online video is the perfect way to provide prospective customers with behind the scenes insights and specific knowledge relating to home renovations and makeovers.

Coorparoo Makeover Video

Everything old is new again. 

We are specialists in getting house ready for sale. Our finish and hand over on projects are important to us therefore the end result needs to be perfect including the way we present our work. That’s where Dave’s skill comes into it.

Dave is gifted in many ways, including his talent and up to date equipment. I know that he will make a great asset to your company or business. He has a strong work ethic combined with character, professionalism and sensitivity to the need of his clients.
— David Manciameli, Brisbane Makeover Co.

Kingston Makeover Video

I have shot several videos for Brisbane Makeover Co. but this project is a standout. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck for video ideas?

Think about the most frequently asked questions coming from your customers and be sure to address these in your promotional video. Viewers will appreciate as much relevant information as you can give them. 

Before and After videos always work well, but so does any video that provides value to customers in the form of information. And production is often easier than you think. 

I like to work with my clients to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and from there it is basically a case of walking around and having a conversation about what is going to happen or what has happened.

I always prompt with typical questions and sometimes I’ll ask you to rephrase a few things. I shoot for my edit and so once I have a good understanding of what you’re looking to have produced, I will go about directing you in a way that is both effective and friendly.

Online video is a great way to showcase and market your products/services.

The boys from Brisbane Makeover Co. are realizing the benefits of using online video across their social media. Their home makeover skills are even more evident in these videos and their skills in front of the camera keep improving too!

For a video like this you would expect to have me on location for about 90 minutes and it can be produced within 48 hours. You can include your branding, soundtracks and a call to action. These videos are a great way to not only showcase your points of difference but to let your potential customers get to know you better along the way.