Dave is an AIPP Accredited Professional Video Producer, Photographer & Freelance Video Camera Operator.

Business Promo Videos, Corporate & Live Event Video Productions, Media Events & Real Estate Marketing.

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Brisbane's Great South Run 2016

Photographs from Brisbane's Great South Run 2016 are now available HERE.

Over 3300 photos were taken on the day which were culled down to just over 800 of the best and they are all available now!


Dave, the video work you’re doing for me is dynamic, electric and thought provoking. You understand my brand and your videos showcase exactly what I am after every single time. I Look forward to working with you for many years to come.
— Jacob Galea, Keynote Speaker & Author.

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Ready to cut to the chase?

Dave produced, developed and edited one of the best state campaign videos on rail safety I’ve ever seen or participated in. His ability to drive home key messages while emphasising and linking our families to our own personal safety is second to none.
— Jonathan Beninca, Motivational, Safety and Keynote Communicator.
On every level it was both professional and easy working with Dave. Organised and intuitive behind the camera and even more so with the editing. The final cut passed all my expectations.
— Alex Prestwich, Safelifter.

I enjoy the challenge of bringing emotion to real estate videos. My goal is to produce a video experience that potential buyers will want to watch again and again.

My brief was to shoot a promotional video for MAN vehicles being used on the beautiful but harsh landscapes on Fraser Island.

Dave Dwyer worked alongside the CRC for Rail Innovation on the tremendous Interchange event. The video produced by Dave clearly caught the mood of the event. Rarely have I seen hardened rail people get emotional, but the video elicited that response.
— David George, CEO CRC for Rail Innovation (2014).

CALL 1300 072 470

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